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WINGS OF HOPE for PANCREATIC CANCER RESEARCH is a non-profit foundation dedicated to raising awareness and funding for pancreatic cancer research and programs at the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

In February 2013 the University of Colorado Cancer Center entered into a formal partnership with WINGS OF HOPE, with both entities combining efforts to have the University of Colorado Cancer Center become the regional hub and national destination for pancreatic cancer research. Helping accomplish this goal is the University of Colorado Cancer Center’s multifaceted approach which encompasses the multidisciplinary care of all pancreatic cancer patients.  The care of their patient population is supported by an active research program involving both clinical and basic science research with a focus on translating basic science research findings into clinical research programs that directly impacts patient care.

The donations and fundraising efforts of WINGS OF HOPE are to advance the ongoing pancreatic cancer research being conducted at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. The foundation’s focused effort not only helps better define priorities, but also makes a definitive statement as to the critical urgency and need for pancreatic cancer research to continue at an accelerated pace.




The Kingsbury Open was founded and dedicated in loving memory to Thomas Kingsbury, who was an enthusiastic golfer with an unparalleled passion for the game. Tom was a ‘scratch’ golfer, but you’d rarely find Tom playing with new equipment or balls, he could post a below-par score playing with found balls and rental clubs. Tom believed a golfer was not defined by his or her equipment or the course he or she played, but by their passion for the game and a desire to continue to improve. A real stickler for the rules, he was a purist. Tom had a natural swing, never tried too hard, but still hit the ball a mile. He was a genuine teacher of the game.


At age 63, Tom was poised to retire, complete his PAT (Players Aptitude Test) and play and teach golf. However, that was not to be. Tom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in February of 2007. Receiving both diagnosis and treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, he followed an aggressive, non-surgical course of chemotherapy. He was not a candidate for surgery as is true many patients diagnosed too late. Throughout treatment he stayed on the golf course. As fatigue set in, he surrendered to riding in a cart when he would normally walk. In August of 2007, Tom played his last round of golf in Danbury, Wisconsin on his home course of Voyager Village. It was only 9 holes. He passed away two weeks later. 


Tom’s daughter, Dr. Lisa Goodman founded the Kingsbury Open in 2015 in Tom’s Memory. Tom loved to visit and golf in Colorado. Every time we golf we think about Tom and know he is with us; from tee to green. We hope you will join us to honor his memory and to lend a hand to this important cause.


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Lisa Goodman founded the Kingsbury Open in 2015 after walking the BMW Championship in Denver with Joe and Ryan. The three of them discussed hosting a golf tournament to bring friends, family and the community together, and the tribute to her dad, Tom Kingsbury was born. Lisa has owned Washington Park Chiropractic since 2006. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Studio Art from the University of Miami and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic West. Lisa is an avid golfer and has learned/played since riding in the cart with her dad as early as the age of 12. Lisa connected with Maureen at Wings of Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Research in an effort to give 100% of proceeds to a local, Colorado charity. Lisa and her husband, Joe have two boys and a dog, Ozzie.



Joe Goodman worked with his wife Lisa to create The Kingsbury Open to honor her father Tom Kingsbury. He is grateful for the opportunity to have known Tom before he lost his battle to Pancreatic Cancer in 2007. Joe has a background in healthcare operations, and previously held sales and management roles in media and entertainment. He earned a B.A. with a Major in Advertising from the College of Communications Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University. From an early age, Joe has been involved with golf and is excited about working to take The Kingsbury Open to the next level. Joe lost his step father, Joel to Pancreatic Cancer in 2021.

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Jill Kingsbury is Tom Kingsbury’s oldest daughter, and is grateful to work with Lisa and rest of the board to honor her dad! Jill has been in the Air Force for 19 years and currently lives with her daughters, Stella, Megan and two dogs in Omaha, Nebraska. Jill has Bachelor’s degrees in both Health and Human Performance and Sociology along with a personal training certification. Jill loves to work with people on making lifestyle changes and is looking forward to making the Kingsbury Open the best it can be.



Kelsey Schwab was the office manager of Washington Park Chiropractic for over 5 years and has been an integral part of organizing and running the Kingsbury Open since it’s beginning. Although she never got to meet Tom, her family has been touched by pancreatic cancer from the passing of her Uncle T.J. in 2017. Kelsey received her Bachelor in Psychology and Anthropology from the University of Iowa in 2011. She focuses on social media, event planning/organization and sponsor/player relations for the Kingsbury Open each year. She enjoys being able to bring the Denver community together for this special day and give back to a local charity that gives 100% of proceeds to pancreatic cancer research and awareness.



David Goodman is Lisa’s brother-in-law and has been supporting the Kingsbury Open since inception. While only having met Tom on a couple occasions he was taken by Tom’s enthusiasm for family and passion for life. David is a Financial Advisor and has spent 16 years in Financial Services. He earned a B.A. in English from the University of Colorado – Boulder. David is married with a son and a dog. In his free time, David enjoys working on his golf game, playing guitar, spending time outdoors and giving back to various charitable organizations including The Strong Kids Foundation (YMCA), The Red Cross and of course, The Kingsbury Open/Wings of Hope. David and Joe lost their step father to Pancreatic Cancer in 2021.

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Ryan Shaw is a local Real Estate agent and entrepreneur that has been a part of the Kingsbury Open since its inception in 2015. As have most people, Ryan has seen first hand the devastation cancer causes families everyday. After learning about The Wings of Hope organization and what they are capable of doing for cancer research, Ryan has decided to donate all his charitable time and resources towards this great cause. Ryan is married with two young sons and two dogs, is an above average golfer and skier and enjoys the getting outside in Colorado.

PAST EVENTS 2015-2021

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